Top quality instruction and support from highly qualified staff is vital to student success. This is as true in online schools as it is in traditional schools.

At eLearn21 the positions are different than you are used to, and different is good! Our unique instruction and support model allows instructors to focus on your student more than you will find at other schools, and will provide your student with a higher quality support in every aspect of their education.

You might think of it as a team of specialists, all working together to provide your student with the best possible education. Each member of the team concentrates on only one area of support, which allows them to be highly trained and focused on achieving excellence in that area.

Instructional Staff

All eLearn21 Instructional Staff are highly qualified teachers, with special training in online instruction. Each holds at minimum, a Bachelors degree and a teaching credential.

Academic Advisor

The Academic Advisor is the Captain of your student’s team of specialists – your student’s guide to academic success. In a traditional school you may have a guidance counselor that you are lucky to meet with more than twice a year. Beyond that, the student’s teachers do their best to address the needs of each student, but they are stretched thin, and rarely know important factors like what is going on in the student’s other classes or in their personal life. We think there is a better way!

Your eLearn21 Academic Advisor works with the whole student, across all subjects and the student’s academic and personal needs, and coordinates with the other Instructional support teammates to ensure the overall outcome of success. Your Academic Advisor will check in with your family at least once a week by email, and verbally at least every other week. The Academic Advisor develops a lasting relationship with each student and his or her family, and works with them to develop an individualized learning plan based on the students unique challenges, interests and goals. The same advisor will be with you throughout your student’s tenure at eLearn21.

Live Tutors and Instructors

Attending an online school does not mean that students lack live interaction with teachers. Students will have live class and tutoring meetings in a 21st century version of a classroom, complete with speaking and listening capability, a projector, white board, note-taking tools, and the ability to “raise your hand”. In this live classroom, Instructors will lead students through activities such as a lecture, group discussion, language practice, or individual or group tutoring. Live on-demand Tutors are also available in every subject 12 hours a day for students who have a question or need help.


Instructors are specialists in giving students feedback. Instructors review all student assignments and give comments and guidance that assure understanding, motivation and improvement of skills.

Additional Support

Guidance Staff

The Guidance Staff will work to insure that students are informed and prepared for life after high school, and what it takes to achieve the next steps. This includes facilities and registrations for state tests, SAT information, college fairs and application help, and coordinating opportunities with post secondary education partners like colleges, community colleges, trade schools, and others for students to learn more about the options available to them.


The support of parents is an important factor in achieving student success. At eLearn21 we equip parents to guide, motivate, and monitor student progress, and we make it easy to take an active role by staying informed about the curriculum and student achievement. With our Parent Portal, each parent receives a log-in which gives them access to all of the relevant information about each of their studentsai??i?? education from a single homepage. Parents at eLearn21 are encouraged to support and motivate learning, but are not required to provide instruction or tutoring.