Myth about virtual learning:
Students in online schools run the risk of being isolated and have little interaction with their peers.
Fact about eLearn21:
Students in eLearn21 courses can have very active social lives, because they are a part of their local school and they can form relationships with people they would otherwise never meet because of social or geographic barriers, such as students from other districts.

Online Community

Peer interaction is alive and well in eLearn21 courses, and in fact many students report getting to know peers in their online community whom they would never meet otherwise. Students interact in online tutoring sessions, and have opportunities to work on group projects and discussions. Contributing to their class blogs and forums is another great way for students to interact, express their opinions, and learn from others in a less formal environment than a classroom.

School Clubs, Organizations, and Teams

Unlike cyber charter schools, students taking eLearn21 courses remain enrolled in their local school district, so they have the opportunity to be involved in extracurricular clubs and organizations at their local school. Contact your school Guidance Staff to stay connected to your community.